Mentari Human Trafficking Survivor Empowerment Program Inc., has been covered by the media. We are proud of our board members, Shandra Woworuntu and Ima Matul who were appointed by President Barack Obama to be The U.S. Advisory Councils.

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2016, April: BBC Indonesia: Kisah Shandra Woworuntu, WNI korban perbudakan seks di Amerika

2016, March: Annual UN March In March To End Violence Against Women

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2015, December: President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts

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2015, March: Citizens Voice: Human Trafficking Survivor to Speak Locally

2015, March: Bill helping victims of human trafficking still blocked by partisan Senate fight | Times-Picayune New Orleans

2015, March: Advocates seek more city funds for human trafficking victims Politico NY

2015, February: Shandra Woworuntu Testimony at Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing on Ending Slavery

2015, February: Misericordia University: Survivor of Human Trafficking to Share Her Story at 90th Anniversary Program

2015, February: Testimony by Shandra Woworuntu Founder, Mentari to the Hearing before the United States Senate, Committee on Foreign Relations Ending Modern Slavery: What is the Best Way Forward on February 4, 2015

2015, January: Pivot: Design Against Trafficking (Public Practice Studio)

2014, October: A Conversation with sex trafficking survivor Shandra Woworuntu & anti-human trafficking activist Chris Heuertz

2015, July: An Interview with human trafficking survivor Shandra Woworuntu and anti-human trafficking activist Chris Heuertz

2014, July: Sex Trade Survivor Sheds Light on Dark Crime | Channel 6 News

2014, June: The Hill: Trafficking Survivors and The American Dream

2014, February: Indonesian Woman Falls Victim to Human Trafficking in US

2012, October: Survivor Recognized at Clinton Global Initiative Event | Freedom Network